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June 19th
Nevada City Bicycle Classic
45th Year

World Class Cycling Returns...

Professional and amateur cyclists will descend on Nevada City in the Northern Sierra foothills on Father's Day, June 19, for the 45th running of the Nevada City Classic, the West Coast's oldest bicycle race.
Top professional squads like Health Net-Maxxis, Colavita-Sutter Home, Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada, Webcor Builders, and McGuire-Langdale will be represented in the men's pro-am race, covering roughly 40 laps of the notoriously difficult 1.1-mile race course with over 300 feet of climbing. “The Nevada City Classic is the quintessential American criterium race," says former national champion Kurt Stockton, operations manager for Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada and a resident of neighboring Smartville. "It’s a very difficult course and there’s no way to fake it if you’re not in peak form. Nevada City is also a great town, and I’m proud to be part of the community that supports this event.” Racing begins at 1:00 PM with events for Junior Men and Women, followed by Masters 35+ and 45+ groups at 2:00, Elite Women at 3:00, Category 3 Men at 4:00, and the main event for Pro/1/2 men at 5:05. For participants, event details and registration information are available at For spectator information on the 45th Annual Nevada City Bicycle Classic, call the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce at 530-265-2692, 1-800-655-NJOY, or visit Nevada City is located at the 2,500-foot elevation on the forested western slope of the Sierra Nevada. From Sacramento, it's a one-hour drive via eastbound Interstate 80 and northbound Highway 49. Nevada City is 90 minutes from Reno via westbound I-80 and Highway 20. The Nevada City Classic is under the direction and sponsorship of the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce and is part of the NCNCA Premier Series, which includes five of Northern California's more prestigious
cycling races.
Info: 265-2692, 800-655-NJOY

The Nevada City Classic
Editorial by: Erin Alders, Staff writer

The best may yet be to come...

The Nevada City Classic began in 1960, and was initiated by Charlie Allert, a print shop owner and bike enthusiast. The first professional women's race began the same year as the men's, and both pro and amateur cyclists continue to compete today, making the Nevada City Classic the 2nd oldest bike race in the country.

The 1.1 mile loop cuts through historic downtown Nevada City, climbing past homes dating back to the Victorian Era, and descending quickly by commercial buildings reminiscent of the Gold Rush.

The event takes place every Father's Day weekend, attracting large crowds, the circuit of regional racers, as well as some of the top racers in the History of Cycling.

Racers such as: Connie Carpenter, Liz Chapman, Karen Kurrek-Brems, Rebecca Twigg, Katrin Tobin-Paulin, Inga Thompson, Heide Hopkins, and Belen Guerrero. And for the men: Eric Wohlberg, Greg LeMond, Chris McGovern, Lance Armstrong, Tyler Hamilton, Tony Cruz, and Ben and Andy Jacques-Maynes.

The Nevada City Classic used to be considered the #1 women's race in the country. However, attendance and corporate sponsorship has suffered due to the HP Women's Challenge in Idaho, formerly the largest International women's stage race in the country. Sadly, Hewlett Packard announced in 2002 that it will not extend its title sponsorship of the Women's Challenge, and the event has been canceled.

Maybe this setback can also be an opportunity for the Nevada City Classic to redeem its reputation in women's racing. Up until now, a local man or woman has never won the race. I hope to be the first woman to change the trend.

Editor's Note: Erin Alders, a local talent, is an accomplished road racer, photographer and writer, we thank her for her submission and hope she does indeed become the first local woman to win the event. This is an event worth seeing, we recommend everyone come out this year to see the Nevada City Classic and support the riders, businesses and the event itself. As always we encourage everyone to submit their stories and photos of Hwy 49 events.
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