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Sierra County Realty
Contact us for old fashioned service

Sierra County Realty
Dee and Greg Bulanti are the realty experts in Sierra County with listings in Sierra City, Downieville, Bassetts, Alleghany, and along Highway 49. Please contact them for old fashioned service.
530.289.3678 Fax

334 Main Street
P.O. Box 22
Downieville, CA 95936

Sierra County Realty

Sierra City


Jan Koettel Realty
I am a member of the Plumas County Board of Realtors & the MLS, the California and the National Association of Realtors. I have information on properties in the greater Sierra County area, stretching from Downieville, along Hwy 49 through Sierra City and into the Sierra Valley. I can also provide you info on what is available in Graeagle.
221 A Main Street (Hwy 49)
Sierra City, CA

Sierra County Realty


Main Street Realty



Graeagle Associates Realtors
P.O. Box 1234 Graeagle, CA
Graeagle Meadows
P.O. Box 766 Graeagle, CA

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