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Batting Cages

Prospector Hill Mini-Golf & Batting Cages


Click here for Golf Courses.

Golf Courses

Prospector Hill Mini-Golf & Batting Cages

Ski Resorts
Alpine and Nordic

Alpine Meadows
Dodge Ridge Hwy 108 at Pinecrest, CA, 209.965.3474
Diamond Peak
Eagle Mountain Cross Country Ski Area
Homewood Ski Area
Mt. Rose
Royal Gorge Cross Country Ski Area
Soda Springs
Squaw Valley USA
Sugar Bowl
Tahoe Donner


Snowshoe Tours with Cathyworks
Backcountry Tracks


Samba Indoor Soccer and Tennis


Bowman Solinsky Pool
City of Nevada City
Warm Water Fitness

Tennis Clubs

Pioneer Park


Apollo Performing Arts
City Centre Playhouse
Foothill Theater Company
Miners' Foundry Cultural Center
Music In The Mountains
Nevada County Concert Band
Nevada County Fairgrounds
North Columbia Cultural Center
Northern California Center For The Arts
Off Broadstreet Theater
Twin Cities Concert Association


The Magic Theater

Train Rides

Nevada County Traction Co., LLC


Rafting down a river can be an exhilarating adventure. Whitewater rafting can also be very challenging. Please contact a professional rafting company before setting out on any river without a guide.

Canyon Raft Rentals
Premier Adventures
Sierra Outdoor Center


Tributary Whitewater Tours
Guiding California whitewater rafting trips since 1978. For all levels, from family vacation trips suitable for kids from 4 years, to wilderness whitewater rafting adventures for the expert. Rivers include the American, Yuba, Carson, Truckee and many more. 1/2 day to 4+ days. Great discounts for youths (10%-50%), seniors, groups, off season,
and mention for additional savings.
(530) 346-6812
Toll Free for clients
(800) 672-3846
6400 Hwy 49, Lotus, CA

Kids on the river


Recreational Areas and Information


Natural Recreation Areas

Mountain and Road

Round Mountain Trails: Hwy. 49 out of N. C. to North Bloomfield Rd. to Rock Creek Rd. Series of trails, including Round Mountain. Some level to steep, intermediate to advanced.

Pioneer Trail: Essentially follows scenic Hwy. 20 out of N.C. Start in town taking Willow Valley Rd. to Hwy. 20 and Harmony Ridge Market where trail begins. Can also start from Omega Rest Stop 18 miles up Hwy. 20 Rolling, beginner to advanced.

Washington Roads: Omega Loop from Omega Rest Stop on Hwy. 20. Rolling uphill, intermediate. Nearby Alpha Road left on Omega Rd. off Hwy. 20 Steep, advanced. Maybert Rd. after crossing Yuba River in town of Washington. Level, beginner to intermediate. Artic Mine Road reached from Maybert Rd. Level, strong beginner to intermediate.

Bullards Bar Reservoir: Hwy. 49 out of N.C. on way to Downieville, turn left before Camptonville at Marysville Road. Park at Doc Willy's head up Old Camptonville Road. Level, intermediate through advanced.

North Yuba Trail: Hwy.49 out of N.C. toward Downieville. After crossing North Fork of Yuba River, park at Rocky Rest Campground. Cross river on foot bridge. Level, intermediate to advanced, 15 miles out and back.

Empire Mine State Historic Park: Part of Park's trail system on both sides of Hwy. 174. Level, beginner to intermediate. Maps at park Visitor's Center, 10791 E. Empire St. Grass Valley.


Rollins Lake: Accessible from Hwy. 174, 530-346-6166

Scott's Flat Lake: Off Hwy. 20, 530-265-5302

Englebright Lake: Off Hwy. 20 past Penn Valley, 530-639-2342

Bullard's Bar Reservoir: Yuba County off Hwy. 49, 530-692-3200

Collins Lake: Marysville Rd. off Hwy 20 toward Marysville, 800-286-0576

Donner Lake-West End: Off I-80, 530-582-7720

Stampede/Boca Reservoir Areas: Off I-80 seven miles east of Truckee, Tahoe National Forest

Prosser Reservoir: Off Hwy. 89 exit of I-80, Tahoe National Forest


State Campgrounds

111 Malakoff Diggins Campground

Private Campgrounds

111 Eagle Mountain Resort
111 Englebright Lake
111 Collins Lake
111 Gene's Pine-Aire Campground
111 Greenhorn - Rollins Lake
111 Long Ravine - Rollins Lake
111 Nevada County Fairgrounds
111 Orchad Springs - Rollins Lake
111 Peninsula Campground - Rollins Lake
111 "R" Place RV Park
111 River Rest Resort/Campground
111 Scotts Flat Lake
111 United Trails RV Resort

Tahoe National Forest - Western Nevada County

111 Big Bend Campground
111 Canyon Creek Campground
111 Hampshire Rocks Campground
111 Indian Springs Campground
111 North Fork Campground
111 Skillman Campground
111 White Cloud Campground

Tahoe National Forest - Eastern Nevada County

111 Boca Campground
111 Boca Rest Campground
111 Goose Meadows Campground
111 Granite Flat Campground
111 Lakeside Campground - Prosser Reservoir
111 Logger Campground - Stampede Reservoir
111 Prosser Campground - Prosser Reservoir


Rollins Lake: Accessible from Hwy. 174, 530-346-6166

Scott's Flat Lake: Off Hwy. 20, 530-265-5302

Englebright Lake: Off Hwy. 20 past Penn Valley, 530-639-2342

Collins Lake: Marysville Rd. off Hwy 20 toward Marysville, 530-692-1600

Tahoe National Forest - Truckee District, 530-587-3558

Stampede/Boca Reservoir Areas: Off I-80 seven miles east of Truckee, Tahoe National Forest. Rainbow trout planted yearly. Also brown trout, Kokanee salmon. Lake trout.

Truckee River: From Truckee to Grey Creek, accessed from I-80. Large brown trout, small population of rainbow trout. Some restrictions apply.

Little Truckee River: Section between Stampede and Boca Reservoirs. Brown trout reproducing naturally, also rainbow trout.

Prosser Reservoir: Off Hwy. 89 north of I-80 from Truckee. Fingerling and catchable rainbow trout planted yearly. Brown trout reproducing naturally.

Alder Creek/Prosser Creek: Off Hwy. 89 north of I-80. Best in spring, small numbers of native brook and rainbow trout.

Sagehen Creek: Off Hwy 89 north of I-80. Small, wild rainbow, brook and brown trout in reaches of creek. Above Hwy. 89 bridge, some restrictions.

Martis Reservoir: State Hwy. 267 south of Truckee. Catch and release, only artificial lures with single barbless hooks.

Donner Lake: I-80, two miles west of Truckee. Catchable rainbow trout planted yearly. 111111• Some Mackinaw (lake trout), Kokanee, popular with anglers, several piers, boat launching.

Soda Springs/Norden Area: Accessed north of I-80. Warren Lake, Lahontan cutthroat trout planted yearly, accessible by hiking trail only. Summit Lake, fingerling brook trout planted yearly, accessible by hiking trail or very rough 4-WD road. Negro Canyon Creek, small population of brook trout.

Tahoe National Forest - Nevada City District, 530-265-4531

Cisco Grove Area: Off I-80 to north. Several lakes and pond, trout, some planted yearly.

Grouse Lakes Area: Hwy. 20 from either I-80 or Nevada City, turn at Bowman Road. Series of lakes, area closed to motor vehicles, trout, some planted.

Bowman Lake: Bowman Road, 16 miles north of Hwy. 20. Fingerling rainbow and brown trout planted yearly, larger browns found, boat angling better, 4-WD not necessary.

Fuller Lake: Off Bowman Road. Catchable rainbow trout planted yearly, some brown trout, good access for bank fishing, popular.

Rucker Lake: Off Bowman Road. Contains special strain of rainbow called redband trout, popular. Nearby, Blue Lake, fingerling rainbows planted yearly.

Off Bowman Road: Before reaching Bowman Lake and near Lake. Group of lakes, trout, some planted.

Lake Spaulding: Off Hwy. 20 near I-80 at Spaulding Road. Fingerling rainbow and brown trout planted. Native rainbows, browns and brook trout, carp and pond smelt. Boat ramp.

Bear River: Hwy. 20 near Bowman Road. A few catchable rainbow trout planted yearly, some native brown and rainbow trout.

South Fork Yuba River: Hwy. 20 to Washington Road. Catchable rainbow trout planted yearly, easily accessed near town of Washington.

Gold Panning
Click here for more information

South Yuba River State Park at Bridgeport: Old Hwy. 20 out of Grass Valley to picturesque Bitney Springs Road, right on Pleasant Valley Road, park. Gold Panning tours available June through September, Saturday and Sunday, call for times.

Hands and pans only. 530-432-2546

Town of Washington: East of N.C. off Hwy. 20 Pan at Tahoe N sheet at TNF, 631 Coyote St. Nevada City 530-265-4531

Representing the Miners of the Northern Sierra
Click logo to learn more


Independence Trail: Two 2.5 mile sections and 4.3 mile loop, wheelchair accessible, flat, historic. North of Nevada City off Hwy. 49.

Steephollow: Wheelchair accessible, located at Rest Area on Hwy. 20 east of N. C., steephollow ponderosa and sugar pine plantations, interpretive, includes hydraulic mining history. Tahoe National Forest trail.

Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park, 530-265-2740

Rim Trail: Moderate, views of hydraulic diggins, trailhead at North Bloomfield Rd. or Malakoff Campground.

Diggins Loop: 3 mile loop through hydraulic mining operation, easy, trailhead at Diggins Overlook, North Bloomfield Rd.

Blair Trail: 1/2 mile loop, easy, trailhead at North Bloomfield Rd. near North Bloomfield.

North Bloomfield Trail: 3/4 of a mile, easy, trailhead at North Bloomfield Rd. in town of North Bloomfield.

Humbug Creek Trail: 3 miles each way, moderately difficult, connects with South Yuba at river, 1,000 ft. return climb out of canyon, trailhead at North Bloomfield Rd. in park.

Empire Mine State Historic Park, 530-273-8522

Union Hill Trails: 1 mile to 3 miles, easy trailhead at Hwy.174 near Empire St.

Hardrock Trail: 2 miles, easy, circles much of Empire Mine "out back," trailhead at Park Visitors Center.

Osborn Hill: 1 mile loop, off shoot of the Hardrock, more demanding, overview of Sacramento Valley.

South Yuba River State Historic Park, 530-432-2546

Bridgeport Trails: Virginia Turnpike Loop, .63 miles, easy; Point Defiance Trail, 2.8 miles, easy to moderate; Buttermilk Bend Trail, 1.4 miles, mostly easy; Kneebone Trail, 133 miles, easy.

Hwy.49 Crossing Area: Jones Bar Trail, .5 miles, easy to moderate; Hoyt Trail, .9 miles, moderate.

Blair Trail: 1/2 mile loop, easy, trailhead at North Bloomfield Rd. near North Bloomfield.

Purdon Crossing Area: South Yuba Trail, 4.5 miles, easy; Round Mountain Trail, 1 mile, moderate; Old Flume Trail, 17 miles, easy.

Edwards Crossing/North Bloomfield Area: Spring Creek Trail, 14 miles, moderate; Missouri Bar Trail, 1.7 miles, easy.

Tahoe National Forest - Nevada City Ranger District, 530-265-4531

Pioneer Trail: 12 miles one way, parallels scenic Hwy. 20, easy, trailhead 7 miles from N.C. across from Lone Grave.

Missouri Bar Trail: 1.7 miles, 1,200 foot descent to South Yuba River, moderately difficult, adjacent to Malakoff State Park, trailhead at Relief Hill Rd.

Scenic Grouse Lakes Area: 6 trails (Round Lake, Lindsey Lakes, Crooked Lakes, Beyers Lakes, Grouse Ridge, Glacier Lake), from 2 1/4 one way to 8 1/8 miles one way, moderately difficult to difficult, access from Bowman Rd. off Hwy. 20 near I-80 and Eagle Lakes exit off I-80.

Tahoe National Forest - Truckee Ranger District, 530-587-3558

Commemorative Overland Emigrant Trail: 15 miles, trailheads at Alder Creek Road Donner Picnic Ground and Stampede Reservoir. Parallels actual Overland Emigrant Trail, good in spring and fall. Also used for mountain biking.

Glacier Meadow Loop Trail: .5 mile loop, very easy, self guided nature trail, trailhead at eastbound I-80 rest stop at Donner Summit.

Lower Lola Montez Lake Trail: 3 miles one way, easy, take Soda Springs exit off I-80, on north side of freeway follow paved road east to parking area. Also used for mountain biking.

Pacific Crest Trail: Extends from Canada to Mexico, Use Castle Peak -Boreal Ridge exit from I-80, turn right and take a quick left to parking and trailhead. To north, through culvert, can access Sand Ridge Lake Trail 4 miles in, 1.5 miles one way, moderate; Summit Lake Trail 2 miles in,, 2 miles one way, easy; Warren Lake Trail 3 miles in, 7 miles one way, very difficult.

Tahoe National Forest

Town of Boca Site: Historic, new interpretive trail, photos, wheelchair accessible. I-80 east of Truckee to Hirschdale, north under freeway.

Donner Camp Historic Site and Picnic Area: Includes interpretive trail, easy. Tells story of members of Donner Party that camped at site. I-80 to Hwy. 89 North exit, two miles from I-80.

Overland Emigrant Trail: Glimpse life of pioneers who emigrated to California more than 130 years ago. Paved and dirt roads, one hiking segment (see above). Detailed brochure and map at TNF offices.

Big Bend Visitor Center: Displays on local Native Americans, Emigrant Trail, logging. Off I-80, Big Bend turn off, left on Rainbow Rd. (Hwy. 40), campground nearby.

Parks and Public Lands

Tahoe National Forest: 530-256-4531
Over 800,000 acres with more than 500 miles of hiking trails, 84 campgrounds and
more than 20 picnic areas. Year round recreation includes hiking, fishing, skiing, horseback riding, hunting, boating, and swimming. Also hundreds of miles of rivers from the Yuba River, American River and the Truckee River.

Foresthill: Placer County Big Trees Grove, 530-256-4531
160 acres includes northernmost stand of giant sequoias, nature trails, restrooms
and picnic areas.

South Yuba River State Park, 530-432-2546 or 530-273-3884
Easily accessible from Hwy. 49 with views of the Yuba River's granite gorge.
This state park is 20 miles long and includes the 251 foot Bridgeport covered Bridge, the longest single span covered bridge in the U.S. Experience over 10 miles of hiking trails, river fishing, swimming, picnicking, gold panning and more. You will find over 20 miles of trails in the Bureau of Land Management wilderness area to the east and accessible from the park. South Yuba Independence Trail, a four mile, wheelchair accessible nature trail, is located near Hwy. 49.

Neighborhood: Picnicking, Playgrounds, multi-use fields, swimming pools

Dow Alexander - Bennett and Bank Streets

Condon Park-Minnie Street off Butler Street , 530-274-4390

Minnie - Minnie and Brighton Streets (entrance to Condon Park)

P.L.A.Y. - 225 S. Auburn (behind Hennessey School) Designed by children, 14,000 sq. ft. park structure.

Memorial Park - Colfax Highway, 530-274-4390

Western Gateway Park - Penn Valley Highway, Penn Valley, 530-432-1990

See Sno-Parks

China Wall Snowmobile Trailhead

North Tahoe Regional Park Snowmobile Trailhead


Cleared parking areas near sites for cross country skiing, sledding, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. Permits are required. In Nevada County you can purchase permits at Donner Memorial Park (I-80) and Truckee, Nevada City and Grass Valley sporting goods and ski shops. Info: 916-324-1222

China Wall: a no cost sno-park operated by the U.S. Forest Service featuring cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and family snow play. Just 14 miles east of Foresthill.

Donner Summit at the Castle Peak Exit off I-80

The Yuba Gap Exit off I-80.

The Cisco Grove Exit off I-80

Donner Lake off I-80

For recreational regulations, safety tips, information and phone numbers click here.

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